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Eco Friendly Coffee Packaging

Eco Friendliness is a value and goal of ours and we do what we can in small but authentic ways to model and to contribute to a healthier planet.

It's not an easy challenge for a small food business; as striking a balance to find packaging that is truly easilyCompostable, Recyclable or Re-usable vs cost, obtainability in reasonable quantities, packaging robustness for local delivery and for mail order in a variety of sizes etc is not easy.

But we've put a little thought into it and have what we hope you'll agree are some reasonable approaches...

Reusable Tins: 
A great option is to purchase coffee in a reusable tin and refill the tins by requesting a compostable eco bag refill. Tins make for a very nice gift option are also a great deal because we provide these at wholesale cost.

Minimal Compostable Refill Bags:
Our refill bags are biodegradable & compostable. The bag comes with a peel-able label to replace whatever is currently on the tin.

Wholesale Deliveries:
Depending on order sizes and product types we select from a variety of re-usable, exchangeable buckets, corn starch 1kg and 2 kg paper bags or fully re-cycleable valved bags.
Mail Order:
Mail Order Coffee single bag orders ship in fully recyclable bags sized to fit thru a letterbox including their recyclable cardboard sleeve. This also keeps cost low at only £2.39 for royal mail first class.

We use a variety of packaging for multiples, tins etc and recycle our own delivery boxes and attempt to use minimal recyclable packaging wherever we can.

Free Local Delivery by Bike:
Weather permitting we deliver locally via bike.