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** SOLD OUT ** Peru Cusco - by Henry Perez Camacho

** SOLD OUT ** Peru Cusco - by Henry Perez Camacho

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This coffee is super sweet with a boozy fragrance and silky texture, complemented by lingering flavour notes of red grape, blackcurrant, and honey.

Country: Peru
Region: Cusco
Processing Station: Aicasa, Lima

Process: Fully Washed
Varietal: Typica
Altitude: 2100 m.a.s.l

Score: 85.00

Story and Background

This is a washed process Typica Arabica variety coffee. It was grown by Henry Perez Camacho 2100 Meters Above Sea Level on his farm 'Pasñapacana', based in Santa Teresa, Cusco, Peru. He carried his coffee down from his farm to his local village Santa Teresa, where it was taken to Lima to be processed Aicasa. Conscious with Coffee supported Henry through a community project he's part of called 'Beecause we Care'; who provided guidance on how to produce speciality coffee and set up the processes so that his coffee could be collected, processed and brought over to the UK.

Henry might be new to speciality coffee, but he knows what it means to farm quality produce through hard work. His quiet can-do attitude meant that this year he was able to go from producing commercial coffee to producing a large yield of delicious Typica, Arabica on his farm.

He is known to be able to see opportunities where other people can't. With this ability, and hard work, he took a key role this year in supporting the 'Beecause we Care 365' project, who we have been working with, to build coffee production infrastructure, such as drying beds.

Beecause we Care 365 is an environmental and community development organisation based in Cusco, Peru. They empower local families to thrive through sustainable environmental practices. This is important because people from these communities are extremely vulnerable due to environmental, economic and social challenges.

Beecause we Care 365 empowers local families, and protects the environment through:

  • Education on the benefits of preserving organic farming. -

  • Re-introducing bee colonies locally.

  • Education and support with speciality coffee production.

  • Supporting shared labour practices.

  • Producing food for the community.

  • Housing stray dogs.

  • Emotional support for victims of domestic violence.

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